Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Here at the New York Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery we are dedicated to doing everything that we can to ensure that you are happy and confident in your appearance. To this end, we now offer a range of cosmetic surgeries that can transform those aspects of your face that are causing you concern, restoring your confidence and self-esteem and giving you pleasure every time you look in the mirror.

Some of the services that we are delighted to be able to provide include the following types of facial cosmetic surgery.

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Rhinoplasty procedures are designed to address cosmetic aspects of the most central feature on your face – your nose. There can be many different things about your nose that might be making you unhappy. Whether you think it is too big, too small, crooked or something else, rhinoplasty can correct the issues and give you a nose that you can be proud of. Rhinoplasty can also be used to correct noses that are broken or flattened, helping to open up the airway and make it possible for you to breathe more easily.

Your surgeon will be happy to discuss your options for rhinoplasty with you and help you determine which changes will be needed to help you achieve the look that you desire.


Blepharoplasty is better known as eyelid surgery and is used to tighten up the skin on and above the eyelids and directly below the eyes in an area most often referred to as having ‘bags’. As we get older, the skin in this area loses elasticity which can cause it to sag and droop. As a result, excess fat can gather above and below the eyelids, triggering sagging eyebrows and lids, sometimes to such an extent that a patient’s vision is impaired.

Blepharoplasty surgery is fairly straightforward and highly effective, removing excess skin and tightening the remaining skin until it looks smoother and more youthful.

​​​​​​​Face Lift Surgery

Face lift surgery is used to transform the appearance of the skin on the lower part of the face so that the loss of volume, sagging, lines and folds are eliminated as much as possible. Face lift surgery is fairly invasive since it requires incisions around the ears and the skin to be detached from the underlying tissues so that it can be pulled tight. For this reason, face lift surgery is always performed under a general anesthetic. Once the skin has been prepared it is pulled to better fit the contours of the face, before being secured in place using sutures.

Patients who undergo facelift surgery benefit from better definition in their face, smoother skin, less sagging and fewer folds and lines. Your surgeon will be able to give you more information on how face lift surgery could help you to look more youthful.

​​​​​​​Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery is a procedure to smoother the area from your eyebrows to your hairline, helping to remove lines and wrinkles that may make you look older or more tired than you really are. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic. During your surgery, your surgeon will shorten the muscles in your brow through an incision made in your hairline so that any scarring is hidden. The effect is a forehead that looks tighter, smoother and more youthful.


Better known as ear correction surgery, otoplasty is a reshaping procedure designed to correct prominent or ‘sticky-out’ ears. Often patients with very prominent ears find that their position causes them embarrassment, or they may be subjected to taunting. For this reason, otoplasty is most often performed on children and teenagers, correcting the issue before they become adults. Incisions will be made behind the ears to hide scarring, and your surgeon will reshape the ear cartilage by folding or removing some until the improved appearance is achieved. Stitches will be used to hold your ear in its new position.

After otoplasty, patients will benefit from more natural, proportionate and symmetrical-looking ears that are closer to your head.

​​​​​​​Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery is a primarily cosmetic form of operation designed to reduce the appearance of a scar. In rare cases, a scar may be painful and/or sensitive and scar revision surgery may be used to try and reduce discomfort associated with this discomfort. Every scar revision surgery is unique to the patient and exactly what you can expect to happen will depend on the shape, size and location of your scar. Local anesthetic rather than general will be used wherever possible as this is quicker for you to recover from. The process itself will involve your surgery excising the scar or repositioning it so that it is less conspicuous.

Patients who have undergone scar revision surgery feel far less self-conscious about the appearance of their scar – something which bolsters their confidence and self-esteem.

​​​​​​​Facial Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Studies suggest that around 3.3 million people in the United States receive treatment for skin cancer every year. In most instances, this involves removing the affected area of your skin – something which is particularly concerning for patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer cells affecting their face. Unfortunately, the face is the most common area for non-melanoma skin cancer to form.

Surgery to remove cancerous cells from the face can leave you looking disfigured, but it is possible to reconstruct the affected area so that you look as close to your prior appearance as before. Exactly what will be involved your facial skin cancer reconstruction will depend on the location of your disfigurement and what techniques might be most successful in repairing the damage. This might include tissue expansion and skin grafting.

If you would like more information or to schedule a consultation for any of the procedures listed above, please make contact with our Brooklyn offices where our discreet and reassuring team today.