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Dr. Mikhail Ruvinsky and the entire team at NYIOMS is dedicated to providing safe, affordable and comfortable oral surgery care for our patients. We offer a full-range of oral surgery services at our Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY practice including wisdom tooth extractions, dental implant placement, bone graft placement, and treatment of oral surgery emergencies.

Your Care is Our Top Priority

The New York Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (NYIOMS) is a state-of-the art oral surgery practice located on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Whether we are extracting wisdom teeth, placing dental implants, or providing other types of surgical care, our entire team is dedicated to providing you with personalized, compassionate and gentle care.  We believe in making treatment decisions with our patients, and in providing them with the information they need to help them to make informed decisions about their oral surgery care.  For an appointment or to ask a question, please contact us.

Why Work with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon for your Oral Surgery Needs?

Oral Surgeons are specialists who complete their dental degrees (DDS or DMD) and then invest an additional 6 years training in fields including general surgery, oral surgery, anesthesia, and pharmacology. In the process they earn an MD degree and are thus trained as dentists AND medical doctors.

The Advantage of being treated by a dual-degree oral surgeon include the oral surgeon's:

  1. Expertise in all surgical aspects of dentistry including procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implant placement. This extensive training leads to the best results possible for our patients.
  2. Experience with advanced anesthesia techniques including IV sedation, so even patients with dental anxiety can get the treatment they need in a safe and monitored environment.
  3. Extensive training in management of emergency situations from the perspective of a dental surgeon and a physician, so if a complication does occur, you are in qualified hands.
  4. Comfort prescribing medications necessary for dental treatment and working with patients who take medications for multiple medical conditions. And as you will read below, Dr. Ruvinsky is also a RPh - licensed pharmacist.

What Services Does an Oral Surgeon Provide?

Oral Surgeons provide a range of advanced dental treatments including:

  1. Wisdom teeth extractions - Wisdom teeth are the teeth that we most hear about needing to be extracted. Most people have four wisdom teeth and many people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted in early adulthood.  While you can extract wisdom teeth at any age (usually over 18), healing is generally must faster the when the patient is in their late teens or early 20s.
  2. Dental implant placement - Dental implants are the gold-standard for replacing missing teeth. Whether you need a single dental implant placed, multiple implants, or you are having an implant denture fabricated, we have the experience to help you. And because oral surgeons have specialized training in dentistry and surgery, it's ideal to have an oral surgeon place your dental implants and have your trusted general dentist restore them (make the crowns).
  3. Bone graft placement - There are occasions where we want to place a dental implant but don't have enough supporting bone to support it; in these situations we will place a bone graft to help replace the missing bone.
  4. Diagnosis and surgical management of oral pathology conditions such as cysts - Like any other part of the body, your mouth can be the location for cysts, infections and other conditions.

Our Patient-Centered Approach to Surgical Care

Our approach is to provide oral surgery in the most comfortable environment possible for our patients. Whether you are here for an extraction, a bone graft, dental implant placement or other procedure, we understand that a visit to the oral surgeon can make anyone apprehensive. Thus, the entire staff takes the time to give our patients the individual attention they need and to ensure that our patients' concerns are addressed in an honest, reassuring, compassionate and professional manner.
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Mikhail Ruvinsky, D.D.S., M.D., Rph

Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Mikhail Ruvinsky grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and after graduating from Canarsie High School, Dr. Ruvinsky was accepted into St. John's University School of Pharmacy. While attending St. John's University, he was consistently placed on the University dean's list and earned acceptance into the prestigious Rho-Chi pharmaceutical honor society. Dr. Ruvinsky graduated St. John's University in 1999 and was one of only a few recipients of a prestigious magna cum laude award in recognition of his academic achievements.
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Practice Characterized by Compassionate Care

Our approach is to provide the most comforting environment possible, given the normal amount of apprehension inherent in a visit to the oral surgeon's office. We take the time to give my patients all the individual attention they deserve, offering honesty and reassurance, as well as professional competence.

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