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Dental Extractions

You can also learn more about emergency tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions.

Tooth Extractions in Brooklyn, NY

There are times when a tooth simply cannot be saved, and in these cases the only choice is to extract the tooth. The reason is that if you leave a broken-down tooth in the mouth for an extended period of time, you run the risks of getting an infection, having increased bone loss in the area, and damaging the adjacent teeth.

We perform extractions

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Ruvinsky has extensive training and years of experience taking out all ranges of teeth - from simple single tooth extractions to complex wisdom tooth extractions. He is a dentist (DDS) and a medical doctor (MD) and is conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY.

Advantages of having an oral surgeon take the tooth out

In addition to the fact that we have specialized training in performing extractions, the other distinct advantage of having us perform any necessary extractions is that we take out the affected teeth, and can work with you and your general dentist to plan how we are going to replace them. For example, there are a number of options for replacing missing teeth including having dental implants placed. And if we are going to place a dental implant at the time of your extraction, or later on in your treatment plan, we often want to place a dental bone graft at the time of extraction to help preserve and strengthen the extraction site for future implant placement.

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Nobody likes to have to have a tooth taken out, but if you do need to have an extraction, our office can help. Call us or contact us today to make an appointment.

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