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What Is Emergency Oral Surgery?

Dental experts advise that in general, when you have a dental emergency, it should be evaluated immediately. If you are uncertain if you need immediate oral surgery, here are some cases you should look into.

Tooth Pain

Clinical data reveals that this is the most common case that needs emergency oral surgery. There are instances when your tooth just can’t get better, especially after a trauma or an infection. The pain becomes severe and you cannot tolerate it anymore. An oral surgeon will have to remove the affected tooth immediately especially if repair is not an option.

Broken Tooth

Your teeth can break after an accident, a sports incident, or a dental procedure like a root canal. If your dentist cannot save your broken tooth, or if it is causing you too much pain already, you need emergency oral surgery. Your oral surgeon will have to extract the fragments of the broken tooth right away.

Impacted Teeth

These are cases commonly associated with wisdom teeth. Studies show that there are people whose wisdom teeth do not have any room to develop or erupt normally. That’s why they cause pain and swelling that usually disrupt your daily activities. If the pain is too severe already, oral surgeons recommend the extraction of these impacted wisdom teeth.

Complications of Surgery

Dental experts say that not all oral surgeries turn out 100 percent successful. Sometimes, patients can still suffer from complications. If you had recent dental surgery and you’re now experiencing symptoms such as excessive bleeding, you may need emergency oral surgery. You should contact an oral surgeon right away to rectify the problem.

Broken or Dislocated Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints that connect your skull to your mandible or lower jaw. Experts explain that if you dislocate, break, or crack this joint, you need to go see an emergency oral surgeon immediately. Doing so will help lower the risk of developing complications and expedite your healing. This type of dental emergency can cause serious problems with breathing, speaking, and eating.

Research analysts report that most of the patients who have TMJ injuries got them from their natural jaw motion or chronic condition. Others suffer from dislocated or broken TMJs because of accidents or physical violence.

Complications of Dental Implants

If your dental implant is loose or is causing you a lot of pain, you should go to your oral surgeon. You may just need your dental implant reinserted. If your oral surgeon detects signs of gum disease or bone loss, the condition should be treated first before reinserting the implant.
Emergency oral surgery is crucial to bring back the optimal health of your teeth and gums. Here at the New York Institute of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we are ready to help you before, during, and after your emergency dental surgery. You can make an appointment in Brooklyn, New York, for emergency evaluation and treatment. Please call us at (718) 557-9478 to schedule an emergency appointment.

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